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We use data & AI to…

Know what content will drive results before posting

Social content optimization

Optimize your marketing content by testing it on an AI model of your audience before they even see it. We create psychographic personas for your social audience telling you exactly what motivates them. Then, compare the content to the audience prior to posting to make sure there is a strong match.

Social Audits & Data Driven Strategy

Trying to get a handle on your social performance and what consumers are saying about your brand? Our analysis of your social universe is industry leading, fast and cost effective. Using Buzz Radar listening and analysis platform, we can provide a true picture of the health of your brand and where you stand in your industry. Providing clear actionable recommendations for how to boost performance and ROI. We’ll create a report, recommendations and sit down to walk you through it all within 7 days.

Compliant with privacy laws and GDPR

With such powerful technology comes a great responsibility to use data ethically and within all legal and industry guidelines. That’s why, even though we only use publicly available social posts, we anonymize and aggregate all identifiable user data and don’t store any specific customer identifying data after processing, all in compliance with GDPR.

Tactical Social Content Advice & Consultation

We’ve assembled a leading team of strategists, tacticians, analysts and AI specialists that can advise you on anything Content, Social, Audience or AI related. Here are some of the questions we’ve been helping clients answer this month:

“With our organic reach in decline across all social channels, is all engagement worth paying for?”

“What is 9:16 vertical video and why should I be

using it”

“What new Instagram features are a good fit for us to try testing?”

“How will recent algorithmic changes on facebook and Instagram affect my strategy?”

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