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We provide AIaaS™ (AI as a Service) utilizing real-time brand, competitor and marketing data fueled with the power of IBM Watson AI to deliver game changing insights for you and dramatic results for your business.


Beanstalk Predictive

Provides AIaaS™ (AI as a Service) as the exclusive provider of the IBM Watson AI-Enabled Buzz Radar Intelligence Platform in North America. We help transform our clients into being “customer obsessed”, assisting them to reshape marketing strategies, go-to-market plans and product innovations by leveraging this predictive data and enabling technology to create a customer-first experience at every turn.

This powerful Watson AI Powered platform connects the sea of data created by your organization and turns it into actionable, intelligent insights. All seamlessly baked into your team’s workflow, the insights get to the right person at the right moment leading to smarter better-informed decision making. At Beanstalk Predictive we take that data from the Buzz Radar Intelligence platform and use it to craft laser targeted marketing campaigns, highly consumed content, successful influencer alignments, and exciting new products for our Agency customers.

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“Our mission is bringing powerful predictive insights together with our incredible agency team to dramatically improve the outcome for all of our agency customers.”

Matt Murphy
President, Beanstalk Predictive

Predictive Intelligence. It’s What We Do.


Predictive Intelligence
A strong brand is built on a foundation that leads to decades of success. With real-time consumer behavior, social engagement, motivators, and deep product insights, you can build a brand that speaks to your current and future customers.


Predictive Intelligence
Developing products for current and emerging markets is an overwhelming task in today’s fast-moving digital marketplace. Gain deep insight and clarity on the most opportune product attributes, market validation, and potential paths for new segment growth and messaging.


Predictive Intelligence
The key to successful marketing is being in the right place at the right time for your consumers. Build stronger strategies and targeted messaging to attract purchase-ready customers with our detailed consumer data and market report tailored specifically to your brand and desired marketplace.

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Beanstalk Predictive is the Data and Intelligence Arm for Beanstalk Digital, a full-service agency whose services span multiple disciplines which allows our team to evolve with your ever-changing business needs.

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