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Brand Reputation Monitoring & Management

Threats to a brand’s reputation can come at any time from any direction. They can start small and grow or they can come out of nowhere. Good news, we have developed best in class natural language and visual sentiment measurement and have provided reputation war rooms for this very thing. Our sentiment reports let you understand how your audience views you, how they react to your posts, what motivates that sentiment and who is driving it. Alongside this, we provide reputation and crisis support and recommendations providing a steady hand to help you navigate choppy waters.

Partner Selection & Influencer Identification

Partnerships can be some of the biggest investments a brand can make. We help clients identify and validate partnership decisions using data. Our team conduct deep social analysis on sporting and cultural properties to help ensure it’s a good overall fit. We monitor and compare audience fit, fan engagement, growth and sentiment performance for a potential partner. Then, we use machine learning to make predictions on growth and feature performance based on historical data to identify and verify marketing opportunities for our clients.

Managed Brand Innovation Center

Beanstalk Predictive offers our Agency customers a unique AI powered Managed Brand Innovation Center service where our teams of data scientists, designers, strategy consultants, media editors, and community managers, all come together with the customers AI collected data to map out…

  • Top Converting Content
  • Industry Trends
  • Go-To Market Campaigns

Content Optimization

Trying to understand what content is engaging your audience and why? Our deep analysis of all your content goes way beyond standard analytical performance analysis. Using natural language and visual AI, we create a detailed map of what content engages your audience, what doesn’t and most importantly why. We also map your existing and targeted audiences and provide in depth recommendations on how to modify your content and publishing tactics for the best possible results.

Brand Identity & Activation

We have over 10 years experience bringing products and services to life by developing look/feel, positioning messaging, style guides, logo/marks etc. Our team of graphic designers and copywriters will help you to create a product identity your customers will identify with and more importantly, fall in love with. And using the Beanstalk Predictive tools to verify your target audience we can accelerate your successful product launch.

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