Our products provide the comprehensive picture you need for critical decision making.

Our AI-powered threat intel offerings takes security and protection to the next level delivering meaningful context on the who, what, and how behind an active threat

Insider Threat Intelligence

Insider threats that arise from within an organization, typically involve individuals who have authorized access to sensitive systems, data, or information.

Our solution helps clients identify vulnerabilities from within an organization that may lead to potential harm or compromise of the organization's security or brand reputation.

External Threat Intelligence

Our proprietary intelligence offering detects and tracks emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and attacker techniques and provides contextual information to proactively defend against it.

Our solutions and quality data-driven innovation enables your team to proactively combat external threat networks and bad actors.

Geospacial Threat Mapping

Geospacial threat maps risks and targets onto a geographic context enabling organizations to better understand the spatial distribution of risks and make informed decisions to mitigate them.

It enables proactive identification of high-risk areas and enhances situational awareness for effective emergency management and response.

Defamation & Extortion Threat Intelligence

Enhance your readiness to detect, prevent, and respond to defamation and extortion threats.

Our intelligence helps our clients stay informed about the evolving tactics employed by threat actors, facilitates proactive defense measures, and supports timely incident response to mitigate potential financial and reputational damages associated with extortion and defamation attempts.

Brand & Reputation Intelligence

Threats to a brand's reputation can come at any time from any direction. They can start small and grow or they can come out of nowhere.

We have developed best in class natural language and visual sentiment measurement and have provided reputation fusion rooms for this very thing. In addition, we provide reputation and crisis support and recommendations providing a steady hand to help you navigate choppy waters.

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