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We use data & AI to…

Predict the game changing trends that give you the advantage ahead of your competition.

Deep Audience Analysis

Understanding who your current audience is should be more than just an overview of basic demographics and interests. Our audience analyzer uses Watson AI to create psychometric profiles of every follower, influencer and motioner of a brand across social. Creating true understanding of your audience and a clear guide on how to engage them.

Product Perception Data

How do your customers describe your product to others? What are their thoughts on how to improve them? Believe it or not, your customers are talking about what’s right and wrong with your products each and every day. Let Beanstalk Predictive help you unlock new insights you’ve never before accessed and so you act upon those insights with great precision.  The deeper understanding of customer preferences helps to shape a better experience and build lasting loyalty.

Competitor Insights Data

What advantages do your competitors’ products have over yours? Where you have them beat? We execute comprehensive analysis of 5 competitor products and add to that their social channels. We can map out their whole product and consumer strategy and tactics. We’ll figure out what’s working for them and what’s not from a product perspective.  The results is deep, comprehensive, meaningful insights and recommendations that will give you a critical competitive advantage for your future product roadmap.

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