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We use data & AI to…

Understand your current audience ensuring your content & media budgets deliver the right results with less waste.

Paid Media Analysis

Receive insights and detailed reports on your performance for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

  • Intelligent Alerts
    Keep an eye on your paid media investments 24/7 and prevent costly anomalies like overspend or saturation.
  • Analysis
    Track all your campaigns, not only the top spenders.
  • Recommendations
    Receive proactive insights and actions to maximize ROI.

News & PR Monitoring

Capture and analyze data from all your PR campaigns across over 3 Million news outlets and blogs.

  • Quantify
    your PR impact
  • Know
    your share of voice
  • Understand
    how audience feel about your brand
  • Build
    Clippings lists in moments
  • Be Alerted
    to impending PR crisis

Social Listening & Monitoring Data

  • Capturing all the data available
    Real-time tracking of every data point and mention accessible. Transparently, ethically and GDPR compliant.
  • Advanced Multi Language Sentiment
    Via Watson Alchemy Language API.
  • Owned Channel Tracking
    Best in class tracking measurement and visualization of all social channel performance.
  • Post Performance Monitoring
    Measuring real-time and historical engagement of owned social content.
  • Real-time Competitor Analysis
    Across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Competitor Analysis

Want to know where you stand with your competitors? Where you have an advantage? We execute comprehensive analysis of 5 nominated competitors alongside their products and social channels. Starting with a share of voice between you and your competitors, we will then map our their whole social strategy and tactics. We’ll figure out what’s working for them and what’s not from channel analysis, post performance and influencer campaigns. Finally we’ll psychometrically analyze their audiences and even benchmark their social ROI. The results is deep, comprehensive, meaningful insights and recommendations that will give you a critical competitive advantage.

Social Audits & Data Driven Strategy

Trying to get a handle on your social performance and what consumers are saying about your brand? Our analysis of your social universe is industry leading, fast and cost effective. Using Buzz Radar listening and analysis platform, we can provide a true picture of the health of your brand and where you stand in your industry. Providing clear actionable recommendations for how to boost performance and ROI. We’ll create a report, recommendations and sit down to walk you through it all within 7 days.

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